A day in the life of...

Hathersage: where many different people, styles, theories and ideas exist, together producing something new and exciting.

Vital Silence

Holding together

New Artworks

Hope Valley Pop-Up Fringe Event 25th October 2018

In Search of Pattern

A very Personal View

Earth's Echoes

Hope Valley Fringe

Mapping emotion

a new, inspiring and surprisingly rejuvenating experience.

The inexplicable science of happy coincidences

What3words - genius, engaging and human

The Waste Land

Bring it on... With a Walk on the Wild Side!

Product No. 1 - More than a T Shirt

Peak District Design in Hathersage

Home is where the run is...

Grindleford as a creative inspriation.

Hope Valley Fringe: Bring on the literature!

Our Relationship with Earth

Courageous in a rough reality

Bring it on: Riding on the Wild Side

Our Relationship with Earth

Fringe without Limits

‘Time present and time past…’

‘What matters is to live everything. Live the questions for now’

Written in the Sands

Lyrics from Old Dominion

Hathersage Reflects

A day in the life of....

Spontaneous overflow of emotion reflected in tranquility...

Hathersage Part II, reflecting upon reflection.

The Process

Improvising With Light

Improvising With Light

Seeing the World In Reflection

Time to Return

From Two Essays on Reason

Spontaneous overflow of emotion reflected in tranquility...

Hathersage Part I, Serendipity

Over dead leaves in the autumn heat...

The run

Love is most nearly itself, when here and now cease to matter...

Sunday morning run

Go, go, go said the bird

A challenge

Go, said the bird...

Serious play!

A Call for Metanoia

The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us....