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Posted by Martin Spence on Nov 10, 2017

Today is good for .... running, walking, exploring, talking.....

The Hathersage Reflection is a sincere initiative to bring people together in their own village and bring real life to everyday people with the aid of technology. Talk to your neighbour and find out who, what and why we all enjoy our local village environment. Share those ideas and experiences.. be creative and allow your natural curiosity to highlight something special...who knows where this journey will go! Are you a photographer, artist, sculptor, sportsperson, walker, campaigner, poet or just a citizen looking for a voice? Many an idea or initiative will come about when we are bold enough to talk and engage. There are any number of amazing people out there and just on your doorstep!

Lets hear from you and take the time to tell your stories. Contact us via the button below and request to be added as a contributor to this site and join in. AND/OR go to:- 

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More details can be found at www.7thwave.io

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