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Hathersage Part I, Serendipity

William Wordsworth: The Prelude

Posted by Kevin Flint on Nov 02, 2017


One Friday afternoon, in being carried along by the Leadmill by the River Derwent's quiet music, I had been working to collect a number of random images on my camera, which I could use in a new blog based on the experience of an earlier short run. Whether it was a matter of fate, chance, or more likely something quite impossible to fathom, Anthony Marshall first appeared and asked what I was doing. We had never met before.

In response I began by indicating that I was attempting to gain some pictures in order to explore some of the play in them, and in drawing from Anthony’s term, to use such ‘photographic sketches’ for a blog that I am writing.  During our short conversation I learned that he is an artist who lives in Hathersage and who's interested in working with water and reflection. In living in Hathersage, too, I spoke briefly about the background to my blog - my interest being in opening other im-possible languages, spaces and spacings that one might variously use/or not in exploring a multiplicity of experiences of running, walking, cycling...

Indeed, our conversation ventured over a wide range of territory involving art, philosophy and human life. We came to see that in our own different ways we are both interested to explore the impossible at play in our everyday practices.

By the time we had reached the gate into the woodland after walking over fields we had agreed to meet up again with a view to exploring the impossible.  Not some secret that will eventually, somehow, become revealed, but the im-possible at play in all of our everyday economies, without which there could be no possibilities!

We met up on the Monday with Martin Spence with a view to exploring the possibility of working together in and through a range of media. We're interested to explore where our new collaboration my take us.

Given that water and reflection in their different ways are at the heart of so many of our everyday activities, we've agreed to open our exploration of the impossible at play in water and reflection. In improvising there's a hope that we might move to open spacings inside/outside any such metaphysical descriptions.

Even in our short walk together, in different ways there had been a tacit realization of such spacing; that is, the im-possible coming space of time and the coming time of space, which keeps open the movement in the complex relationship we have as human beings with the earth.  For example, in reflecting upon, and in moving towards reiterations of Wordsworth's considerations of poesy in The Prelude, in using different media we're hoping to explore more of this everyday making of time-space in opening liminal space within and beyond any graphical and artistic horizons to the poesy of everyday life.

We look forward to hearing from you - any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, criticism... etc., would be most welcome.



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